Daily Cattery Life

cattery-doubleLife in Sylvester’s Cattery follows a strict daily routine which the cats soon learn and enjoy. The day starts with breakfast being prepared and served between 6am and 8am. A record is kept of eating habits and use of litter trays so that any trends can be spotted.

Cats are fed according to their personal requirements and fancies and all food bowls are disposable. Any special diets for medical or other reasons will be provided. We carry out continual research into available pet foods and will discuss dietary requirements with clients to ensure cats are kept in the peak of condition.

The daily cleaning routines follow. Litter trays are changed every morning and scooped as necessary during the day. The litter trays are all disposable. We use a wood pellet litter which we find the cleanest and most environmentally friendly. We keep a stock of clumping litter for cats that prefer this.

Each unit is cleaned in turn after the trays are changed. Bedding is brushed down and shelves and floors of both the sleeping areas and run are swept and cleaned. A disinfectant is used with detergent properties and is specifically formulated against organisms causing diseases in pets. On completion the floors are dried and the unit is tided.cattery10

With the morning activity over the cats settle down for a siesta over the lunchtime and early afternoon period.

Tea is normally served between 3 and 5pm depending on the temperature. Litter trays are checked and scooped as necessary.

In the evening between 6.30 and 8.30 all cats are visited and played with or groomed according to their preferences, trays scooped and few biscuits given if allowed. A final check is made last thing at night, sometime after 9pm, to ensure all cats are happily settled.

cattery11This gives an idea of the basic care during the day. Cats will be visited, checked on, groomed and stroked in addition to the standard routines. We ensure there is regular company and interest throughout the day.

We also administer any medications that are required during the day. We are very experienced in this area and in spotting any potential problems. We always maintain a close observation on all the cats in our care.